What days can I have you?  

Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends. I require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for any film shoots and 4 weeks outside of those days. 

How much do you charge? 

Please refer to my "Weddings" page for prices or go to my “Contact” page and send me as many details as you would like. The more information I know the better I can assist you. Every project is different and requires different amounts of editing and shooting time, so I am happy to custom create a project that will best fit your needs. 

Would you travel?  

Absolutely! I am based in Melbourne and would go just about anywhere. I also love to meet my clients and couples for coffee before any shooting events so that we can get comfortable with one another. For peeps outside of Melbourne, even a chat over the phone or Skype call will help us get acquainted. 

How long will it take to receive my video or photos?

Commercial video takes approx. 3-4 weeks to receive a rough cut which is subject to any changes you may like to apply.  

Wedding videos take around 4-6 weeks and Engagement shoots take 2-4 weeks. I will deliver your wedding video or engagement photos in a beautifully packaged wooden box with a USB inside. 

Do I have permission to share the content online?  

Always! You may have unlimited personal use for any images or video. But with a few rules. You are not permitted to – sell, alter or remix the images or video in any way. I also request that if you post your images or video on social media – that you state clearly, “By The Colour Eve” below the content with a link to my Instagram or website so that other people can find me. 

How do you work? What's your approach? 

I think it's really important to just be a good human at all times so I have a really casual approach but I'm super organised - the work get's done well and I have fun doing it. 

It can be kinda scary or intimidating if you're in front of the camera, so for commercial shoots, I like to block out a good amount of time for us to breathe and take it slow. There are no scripts (unless you want there to be!) or ridiculous over the top equipment. I undertake the entire process from creative direction to animation, sound and post-production editing, so you'll be involved in every step of the journey.

For weddings, I like to have fun (first and foremost), to remain invisible and to stay out of the photographers way. I have an unobtrusive and gentle nature. I shoot candidly with authenticity so you'll be left with a beautiful, handcrafted piece of work. 

Can I have all the RAW footage from my Wedding or project?

I keep RAW footage and project files for a maximum of two years but rarely do I ever need to delve into the archives to retrieve it. RAW footage can be given out upon request however this is not the most flattering part of my work. To make sure I capture all those delicious moments, sometimes I'll keep the camera rolling if I'm moving about, so I guarantee there will be many shaky shots of the ground. This is why editing a 3-4 minute highlight is so important as I hand pick all the best parts!    

What gear do you use? Do you bring backups? 

I use the Sony A7sii Camera along with Canon 50mm, 85mm and 35mm lenses. A lavier microphone set for interviews, a shoulder mount and tripod to steady the shots. I always bring a backup camera body.