Eve Byers

Video Producer & Photographer

I love the unpredictability of life; how great moments can come from unexpected places. To capture a singularly beautiful atmosphere and distill the essence of a moment is a challenge. It requires vulnerability, patience and an open heart. 

The natural world provides an abundance of inspiration for me. She is my muse.

There are no scripts or fancy over the top equipment. I shoot candidly undertaking the entire process from creative direction to animation, sound and post-production editing, so you'll be involved in every step of the journey. 

Some of the legends I've worked with:

Native Weddings . Art Series Hotel Group . Outsider Productions
Ruby Slipper Consultants . The Juliet Report . Haymes Paint
League of Extraordinary Women . Fashion Journal
Black Chalk Co Flint . !ntegrity . Startup Weekend . PurpleMonky